Individual counselling

Whether you are in a life transition or crisis, you wish to explore your own journey or you are seeking change, counselling can help to enhance the quality of your life and relationships.

Why counselling?

People come to counselling for different reasons: relationships issues, bereavement, anxiety, depression, fertility and challenges in being a parent, addictions, confidence and self esteem issues, loneliness and others...

At times people start therapy just with a desire of more satisfaction and purpose in life, needing to gain more clarity and direction. I trust that challenges and issues carry an opportunity for inner transformation, self-development and healing.

In counselling you can explore the choices that you have and understand more your feelings, thoughts and actions.

My approach to counselling

My approach to counselling is Integrative. I work drawing from a variety of models of counselling according to individual needs and in a way that I feel is most valuable, therapeutic and effective for achieving positive change and transformation.

For me as a counsellor, it is important to create an atmosphere of understanding and acceptance to facilitate and enhance the therapeutic work.

I will not give you advice, or judge you, or direct you to take a particular course of action. I will not sit in silence either but actively interact and work with you.

Health and positive change often entails...

Creating and maintaining meaningful and fulfilling relationships with self and others.

We all have the capacity and desire for self-realization, healing, intelligence and creativity and change happens at an individual pace and course.

I consider my work to be that of helping people to fulfil their potential and to connect with their inner essence and freedom.

I see clients on a medium or longer-term basis and also work on short-term solution focused therapy, as useful and appropriate.

I am interested in working with people experiencing:

  • Relationships challenges
  • Anxiety
  • Confidence/Self-Esteem problems
  • Ongoing Stress
  • Life Transitions
  • Career Change
  • Grief, Bereavement and Loss,
  • Cultural Issues
  • Depression

As well as with people from the LGBT Community and Londoners who have Cross-Culturally relocated.

To find out more or book an appointment please click here. Alternatively, you can call me on 020 3930 1007.

Fast track your first appointment

At times a sudden and unexpected crisis emerges, at a personal level or within a relationship, and this crisis requires immediate attention.

In these circumstances, in order to bring a sense of containment, I aim at offering sessions within one business day of your first contact to me.

Fast track individual and couples therapy offers you the opportunity to share your thoughts, feelings and experiences and

to establish a safe common ground in a time frame that suits your circumstances.

You fast track appointment will be with either myself, or one of our Leone Centre team members.

Meet Our Qualified Counsellors, London - Leone Centre. Our team of associates have been carefully selected to provide comprehensive counselling services. Click here for more information.

Please contact me for more information or, alternatively, contact me on: 020 3930 1007.

Book an appointment

If you have any queries, or to book an appointment, you can contact me either by calling: 020 3930 1007 or by emailing me via the contact form.

Please leave your mobile contact number so that I will be able to send you a text message confirmation that I have responded via email.

If you call you will usually hear my answer-phone where you can leave your message and contact details so that I can get back to you. If you call or email, I will generally reply within 24 hours.

During this first contact we can briefly discuss your issues and circumstances, then eventually arrange an appointment for an assessment interview.

Please note - I also offer my counselling in Italian as well as English.

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